Do I need previous camping/outdoor experience?
No. The program staff will teach you the fundamentals of wilderness camping and travel. You must have an interest in trying or pursuing outdoor activities.

Do I need to know how to swim?
No, but you must be able to remain calm while floating in deep water (wearing a PFD/lifejacket).

How do the trip meals work?
Menu planning, food purchasing and meal preparation is done in small groups (2 or 3 students) with the guidance of program staff.

How physically fit do I need to be?
The TREK Program is a physically demanding experience, but anyone who enjoys moderate exercise will find the activities well within their physical ability.

I currently have a skills block in place of a language course. Can I still apply to TREK and will I be able to enrol in a skills block while in TREK?
Yes, you can apply. We will offer support during the year but because of the integrated schedule you will not be enrolled in a specific resource block.

What if I’ve already completed a Grade 10 subject?
All TREK students will be enrolled in 8 courses at PW. Students will complete another course in the place of the course that they have done. These courses will be taught by the TREK teachers and integrated into the program. Many students choose to do online courses to keep up with their previous accelerated programs. These online courses would be over and above the 8 courses in TREK.

Are former TREK students at an academic disadvantage in Grade 11 or 12?
No. Although we do not formally track students, informal evidence (principals lists, scholarships, university entrances) strongly suggests that TREK students do as well, or better than, their peers in Grades 11 & 12 (who did not complete the TREK Program). If anything, the program exposes TREK students to skills (self-discipline, self-confidence, independence, critical thinking) that serve them well in their future studies.

I’m a French Immersion student interested in applying to TREK. How will I fulfill the 24 FI credits required to graduate with a bilingual dogwood?French Immersion students should speak with their current school counsellor to confirm requirements for the bilingual dogwood.
French immersion students who do the grade 10 Trek program miss out on four full year French Immersion courses. While in Trek, they will complete their FRAL 10 course, which counts for 4 credits. They are welcomed back into the French Immersion program at their home schools in grade 11, and the French Immersion courses they take in grade 11 and 12 will continue to appear on their transcript. This information will be available to universities and employers whether they choose to do the extra work necessary for the bilingual dogwood or not. Students usually complete two French Immersion courses in grade 11, and one in grade 12, for a total of 12 credits. Because they have missed the grade 10 French Immersion course work, though, they will not graduate with the bilingual dogwood diploma unless they choose to complete alternative work (in essence, this is to make up for the three French Immersion grade 10 courses they didn’t take during their grade 10 year). Each year, an updated letter is sent home to families outlining current alternate course options. 


If I’m transferring from another school for the year, can I play on a sports team while I’m at P.W.?
If a student is attending TREK, they must play for the school that they were registered at before attending the TREK program. If the school that they attended does not have the sport that they wish to play, they are obligated to play for the next closest school to where they live.

Should I call TREK if I don’t get accepted?
No. Due to the large number of applications we receive, we are only able to accept 112 students. A subsequent draw will be performed if any applications are withdrawn prior to the start of the program. If this occurs, the successful applicant will be notified immediately.