The Vancouver School Board provides funds for teaching staff and instructional facilities. The TREK Program must generate funds through a $1000 TREK fee (bursaries are available upon request) and fundraising projects, to pay for equipment and field trip expenses. For successful fundraising to occur, both student and parent involvement is required.

Additional Expenses

In addition to the $1000 TREK fee (bursaries are available upon request) the following expenses should be expected:

  • Clothing and equipment as outlined below (some of this outdoor clothing and equipment is available for loan, free of charge)

  • Food for overnight trips (approx. $20/day)

  • Incident response kit (approx. $20)

  • Sleeping bag laundering at the end of the term (approx. $15)

  • Grade 10 student fees for Prince of Wales Secondary (approx. $30)

  • Local bus fare

  • TREK T-shirt – optional (approx. $20)

  • TREK annual – optional (approx. $35)

  • Sun Run entrance fee – optional (approx. $22)