Minimum Requirements

  • Applicants must pass all Grade 8 and 9 core subjects (English, Social Studies, Math, Science, P.E., and a second language), and maintain a minimum C+ average across the six subjects (this requirement is in place because TREK involves an intensified academic curriculum, in order to make time for outdoor adventures).
  • Applicants must meet the Grade 9 standard for physical fitness (this requirement is in place because physical exertion is part of all TREK trips, and a lack of physical fitness can place an individual or an entire group at risk). As a measure, applicants must be able to run 2.4 km (6 times around a standard track) in under 14 minutes.
  • Applicants must be committed to creating a social environment that supports respect and responsibility. This requirement is in place because a lack of respect or responsibility can create safety concerns during TREK trips (students must be able to listen and respond to all reasonable instructions). As a measure of respect and responsibility, students must receive generally positive comments on two confidential Letters of Reference (one from a secondary school teacher, and one from an adult member of the community).